Automotive Industry

Seating System

Haritha Technologies Pvt Ltd provide engineering services for automotive industry. Through this service, we meet the evolving needs and latest challenges facing the automotive industry, with our understanding of automotives combined with CAD expertise.

 Seat Structures design

 Complete Seat system solutions

  Seat structure solutions

  Subsystem product solutions

  Mechanism solutions

 Foam and trim products

 Benchmarking solutions

  Track, recliner & latches

Front Row Seating : Driver and Passenger Seats
Second Row Seating : Bench, 60/40 Seats, 40/20/40 Seats, Captain Seats
Third Row Seating : Fold and tumble Seats, Special Seats

Interior System

We provide optimized designs accommodating comfort, style, safety, sustainability and durability. Our designs are configurable to meet individual OEM requirements. We provide design support services in:


  Instrument Panel


 Door & Pillar Trims


Exterior System

We provide high strength and high quality designing solutions that deliver significant cost savings, compact design, reduction in weight and fantastic styling flexibility. We focus on quality enhancement using model check and best practices. Our services in body exteriors includes:


  Bumper Guard


  Door Panels


  Outer Rear View Mirror

Chasis And Stering System

Brakes & Modules

  Suspension Systems

  Steering Systems

  Wheel Assemblies

Power Train

Engine Systems

  Drive-line Systems

  Transmission Systems

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